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Elite FC U8 Academy

 Elite FC offers the U8 Training Academy for kids that are U8 or born between Jan 1, 2012 and Dec 2013.  The academy kids go to regular tryouts with the older kids, but their session is more of a fun training than a tryout.    There is a girls and a boys academy group.   

The Elite FC U8  Academy is designed to allow all players the opportunity to play and learn from each other throughout the season.  Divided into equally skilled pods (small groups), the pods are combined to form teams that play in the Ohio Champions League.  Competition is mainly made up of teams from the northwest Columbus area.  All Academy teams play an 8 game season.  Practices are held twice per week in Marysville and each session lasts 75 to 90 minutes.  All trainings are conducted by professional coaches

Fall season begins in early August and runs through the month of October.  Academy teams play in the OCL Fall tournament held in Columbus. 

During spring season, the teams play in the OCL tournament and one other tournament that is within 2 hours of Marysville. 

Skill development is key at this age.  All players train together in an environment that promotes individual growth and teamwork.  Although winning is a goal, it is not the most important part of playing.  Improvement of individual skills, further development of the 'team' concept and having 'fun' are the main objectives of the U8 Academy.

Sportsmanship Guidelines

Soccer is an exciting, fast moving and fun team sport.  Players and fans need to remember that the objective is to have fun and learn to love soccer.  To that end, it is important to our soccer program and to our community that all participants conduct themselves in a positive, responsible and respectful manner.

We must remember to stay focused on the positive aspects of the game, and suppress any urge to speak out in an inappropriate manner.  Remember, we are all responsible for our actions.

Player’s Code:

  • I will have fun, learn new skills and be a team player.   I will be a supportive teammate and do my best for my team.
  • I will be generous and kind when we win or lose.  I will be fair and honest always, no matter what the circumstance.
  • I will obey the rules of the game.  I will listen to, and respect my coaches, officials, administrators and referees at all times.
  • After each game, I will offer congratulations or say “good game” to the opposing team.  I will honestly and wholeheartedly, applaud the efforts of my teammates and my opponents.

Parent’s Code:

  • I/we will not criticize the referee openly or directly…during or after the game. 
  • I/we will only give positive feedback to players.
  • I/we will cheer at all games within the spirit of fair play and shall do our best to cheer the effort regardless of the outcome.
  • I/we shall do our best to teach our players to become students of the game.
  • I/we shall show the quality of our sportsmanship during and after each match and help our child to remember to thank the referee after the match without regard to the outcome.
  • I/we will respect the coach, his/her instructions and decisions.  I/we will leave the coaching of the team to the coaches.  I/we will not give my child or any other child instruction from the sideline. 
  • I/we will help my child be ready for games and practices by having the needed equipment and mental readiness.

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UCISL (rec league) contact info: [email protected], Elite FC (travel league) contact info: [email protected] or 614-598-6733 PO Box 321
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