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Elite FC Video Skills Challenge - Week 2

The Week 2 Skills Challenge examples come from our partners at Techne Futbol. Players have until 3/28 to complete this challenge and post their videos of them attempting the skills to Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter with the hashtag of #elitefcssl and their team (i.e. #elitefcu9g). On the evening of 3/29, the Week 3 video skills challenges will be released. If the players want to track their scores to keep track of their progress over time, these challenges are located within the "time trials" section of the Techne application. Have some fun with this one & good luck to all teams!

-All time trials completed using the Techne Application will also be counted towards their cumulative training minutes for the week.
-If you post videos to Facebook, make sure the privacy settings are set to "Public" rather than "Friends" so we can find it.

Challenge 1 - Juggling - Alternating Feet

See how many total juggles you can do, alternating feet, in one minute. If the ball drops, bounces, or you catch it, keep counting where you left off.
Application Scoring
+1 Every single touch, alternating feet
+0 Any touch that breaks the alternating pattern
+0 Touches with any surface other than the feet


Challenge 2 - Dribbling - Figure 8's (Free)

With any surface of both feet, dribble in a figure-8 pattern. Start in line with one of the end discs and dribble through the center each time.
Application Scoring
+1 Each disc you dribble past
+0 The disc at which you begin
-1 A skipped disc
Each fully completed Figure 8 counts as 6.

If you do not have cones, you can substitute with whatever is nearby (paint cans, paper plates, siblings etc).

Challenge 3 - Wall Work - 2 Touch Balance Right

Pass the ball against the wall. As it comes back through the gate, trap and pass with the inside of the right foot, without putting your foot down between touches.
+1 The ball passes fully and cleanly through the gate on the way out and back
+0 You put your foot down between touches
+0 You use the wrong foot/surface

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