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Elite FC Skills Challenge

Elite FC Skills Challenge

While there may be a small pause in the season, it doesn’t mean that technical development needs to stop. Starting on March 14th, Elite FC will kick off a skill challenge that will allow players from teams across the club to compete against one another with the winning group walking away with custom 2020 Elite FC Skill Challenge Champions shirts.

How does the Elite FC Skills Challenge work?

Each week, Elite FC players within the different age groups will have the opportunity to work with and compete against their teammates and the other age groups. The competition will allow for individual as well as group recognition and awards for the accumulation of the points.

How are points awarded?

Points will be awarded in two different ways. The points can be accumulated through either the Techne Futbol Training Minutes or Video Skills Challenge methods outlined below.

Point Method #1 - Techne Futbol Training Minutes

With the Techne Futbol partnership announced on 3/19, each Elite FC player will receive their own Techne Futbol account. This account provides players with a customized training plan every Sunday for the coming week. As the players work on their skills throughout the week, they can record the number of minutes that they attempted each activity.

At the end of the week, Elite FC will divide the total number of training minutes accumulated within an age group by the number of players to get an average number of minutes trained for each player. That average number of minutes trained for the week will become the groups score for the week.

Example: U12 Boys - 1200 minutes trained / 36 players = 33 average minutes. The U12 Boys would be awarded 33 points for the week.

In order to help encourage the players to get productive touches, the coaches have visibility into the player dashboards to help make sure everybody is engaged and having success. Coaches will be coming up with some creative options to continue working with their teams over the next few weeks.

Point Method #2 - Video Bonus

If you post a video of your player attempting the video skills challenge to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter it will earn 3 points for each skill. The video will just need to have a couple of hashtags to make sure that credit can be given. The first hashtag is #elitefcssl and the second would be the team they are on (example U11 Girls Blue would be #elitefcu11g and U9 Boys White would be #elitefcu9b)

Example Post: “Adam crushed week 1 of the #elitefcssl skills challenge. Let’s go #elitefcu9b” - Earns 3 points

Note: Each post earns 3 points, so if a player completes all three skills in one post it is worth 3 points. If the skills were split up into 3 posts it would be worth 9 points. This is done to simplify the scoring process. 

At the end of the week, the totals will be calculated for each group across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the totals for the week added to the Elite FC Skills Challenge leaderboard.

Helpful Hint: Depending on your privacy settings, when posting to Facebook you may need to adjust your post visibility to "Public" so we can pick up your post. Facebook will potentially "hide" some hashtags from our search if the settings are not adjusted to public.

When will the skills videos be posted and how much time is there to complete?

  • Week 1 Skills Challenge videos will be posted on 3/14. Players have until 5PM on 3/21 to let their coach know and/or upload their videos.
  • Week 2 Skills Challenge videos will be posted on 3/22. Players have until 5PM on 3/29 to complete Techne training and/or upload their videos.
  • Week 3 Skills Challenge videos will be posted on 3/29. Players have until 5PM on 4/5 to complete Techne training and/or upload their videos.
  • Week 4 Skills Challenge videos will be posted on 4/5. Players have until 5PM on 4/12 to complete Techne training and/or upload their videos.
  • Week 5 Skills Challenge videos will be posted on 4/12. Players have until 5PM on 4/19 to complete Techne training and/or upload their videos.


Q - Is there any way to earn “extra” video bonus points?
A - If you have friends, grandparents, pets that you can video attempting the skills, you will get 3 points for each video posted as long as it has the correct hashtags. Players can take on different challenges and training activities within the Techne application that will count towards their training minutes.

Q - What happens if I post to both Facebook and Instagram?
A - These will be counted as two separate posts so the one video could earn up to 6 points.

Q- When will the leaderboard be updated?
A- Updates will be posted on March 22rd, March 29th, April 5th, April 12th &April 19th. There will be interactive leaderboards posted to the Elite FC website that will let you see the leaders in each age group for the week.

Q- Can we still post videos of pets, siblings, parents, etc and earn extra points?
A- Yes! There have been some great videos of parents, siblings, cats and dogs crushing the challenge this week. We are going to keep counting them all….hoping to see a chicken juggling next week.

Q- Do videos that have had the privacy settings changed to Public after initially being private earn points?
A- Any videos that have had the privacy settings changed to “Public” should show up in my search now. I’ll be adding them to the totals tonight.

Q- Can we upload last weeks challenges to twitter and get more points or does Twitter not start until next week?
A- Go ahead and load the Week 1 challenges onto Twitter! I am now actively search and counting these results into the team totals.

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